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The protection of your personal data is important to us. You will find here our data protection statement.

The protection of your personal data is important to us. That is why the relevant federal and cantonal data protection regulations and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are adhered to when storing and processing your user data, as applicable:

  • In order to optimise our website, we are using a statistics tool. The statistics tool provides us with information on the use of our website. The data is made anonymous and is processed in data centres in Switzerland. When you access our website for the first time, you will be prompted to inform us whether or not we are permitted to use your anonymised data. Your approval or refusal will be stored. Your data will only be statistically recorded if you provide us with your consent for us to do so.
  • You will be asked separately to provide your consent for web statistics for normal content (web pages) and interactive online services (forms, pages with entry fields).
  • Third-party services are used for special services (e.g. video, social media plugins, site map, housing opportunities, read-aloud service). Some of these third parties have contractually undertaken to guarantee that your personal data is protected. In other cases, the services are integrated in such a way that you can decide whether or not you would like to use the services. When using these services, your data traces (e.g. IP address) reach the operators of the third-party platform and their data protection conditions take effect. By clicking on a symbol or black field, you begin using these third-party services. When using third-party services (Links to external application) the data protection conditions of the third-party will take effect.
  • When you provide us with personal information online, this personal data exclusively serves the mandate given to us. Depending on the type of service, a variety of software components and the operators of these components may be involved in this process. Such third parties, like us, are under a common obligation to comply fully with the provisions of data protection and use personal data solely in accordance with the defined mandate and for the declared purpose.
  • In order to avoid misuse, the IP address is stored by our hosting partner together with online services. The data is regularly erased. Erasure of data can also be requested at any time via the web master (see below).
  • In accordance with the Federal Act on the Surveillance of Postal and Telecommunications Traffic (SPTA), the connection data (log in details) to access our website (so-called marginal data) must be stored by our hosting partner for six months. This data is only forwarded to authorised police and other authorised authorities and services of the government and/or the canton upon request in connection with possible crimes and is deleted in all other cases once the retention period has expired.
  • For interactive services (online portal, online reservations, etc.) we provide a central user account that can either be voluntary or obligatory depending on the service. The user account displays subscribed virtual services, online transactions completed and the status of online transactions. Users can add to, change or erase their recorded and stored personal data and subscribed services themselves at any time. Stored address details are not passed on, but are automatically inserted into online forms and transaction processes to make your work easier.
  • The user account can only be accessed by the user. Depending on the settings and the service, registration takes place using the personal profile data (e.g. e-mail/mobile number and password) and/or with additional means of identification. Please choose a sufficiently strong password, observing the information provided in the entry field. Make sure that your password does not find its way into the hands of third parties. If somebody might have been able to guess your password, change it.
  • Our system works with cookies that are used in a targeted way to enhance user-friendliness. Cookies are small files that are exchanged between the browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.), the user and the web server and are stored on the user’s browser. These cookies store specific settings or information about the use of the website. You can also turn the cookies off (under Browser settings – Data protection). However, please be aware that the log-in mechanism, for example, will no longer work reliably.



  • We have agreed appropriate technical and organisational security measures with our partner to prevent the accidental or intentional manipulation, loss or destruction of data or the unauthorised access to it when using our website.
  • We have agreed appropriate technical and organisational security measures with our partner to prevent the accidental or intentional manipulation, loss or destruction of data or the unauthorised access to it when using our website.
  • The entire website is SLL-encrypted. This ensures that third parties cannot read the transmitted data. The encryption mechanisms each conform to the latest technologies and are constantly being adapted to new findings (e.g. AES-256-Bit-TLS).
  • Please be aware that e-mails exchanged between yourself and us are not encrypted and thus are also not considered a secure means of communication. E-mails can be cached, analysed and read by intermediaries, for example by e-mail providers (Bluewin, Hotmail, Gmail, Cablecom, etc.) or employers (work e-mails), but also by offenders (so-called “men in the middle”) particularly (but not exclusively) when using Wi-Fi. Therefore, do not use e-mails for confidential matters or data, especially personal data. If the link “contact form” appears in our directories and address fields instead of e-mail addresses, the messages sent in this way will also be sent to us by e-mail. Therefore, please do not use contact forms for confidential matters and personal data, but instead only use our online portal (A-Z forms).

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