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6002 Luzern

Contact for media enquiries: Stadt Luzern, Communication, T +41 41 208 83 00

Project management

Thomas Zenger, Stadt Luzern
Sandra Baumeler, bas Kommunikation, Lucerne
Cyrill Kuster, Digital Heroes, Lucerne and Sarnen

Concept, visual appearance, design, programming, realization

Neustadt Technology AG


Neustadt Content AG; Heinz Horat, Weggis; Scharfsinn, Lucerne

Images and photography

Lucerne City Archives, Janmaat; Scharfsinn; Lucerne Tourism; Emanuel Ammon, Lucerne;  Aquarius, Derendingen; Marcel Burkhardt; Beat Rüegger; Michel Roggo; Stiftung Fledermausschutz

Revising, editing, proofreading

Sandra Baumeler, bas Kommunikation, Lucerne; Heinz Horat, Weggis; Lucerne Tourism

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